Laura Neumann

Executive Director

Laura Neumann was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland, what some might call the center of the lacrosse world, yet has somehow managed to play nearly every sport but lacrosse. After receiving her BA in English from Houghton College, she moved  to Towson, MD and spent two years coaching volleyball and track and field at Towson High School.  In 2008, she completed her Masters in Leadership in Denver, CO.

It was during Laura’s first trip to La Chureca in 2007 that she fell in love with a boy named Marlon living inside a trash dump community in Managua, Nicaragua. Through that one relationship, Laura realized that she wanted to be a part of bringing hope and change to his entire community. In 2009, Laura came on board as the Executive Director of Lacrosse the Nations.  Believing in the ability of each individual to be an ambassador of hope, she desires to see the lacrosse community be a part of impacting La Chureca and communities just like it all around the world.