Core Values

  • Unity: Autonomous leadership and unified strength.
    • We engage the lacrosse community as ‘ambassadors of hope’ to invite them to join with us to use the power and unity of the game to serve those in need.
    • By bridging the US lacrosse community to local and international communities in need, both are enriched by Lacrosse the Nations.
  • Education and Health: Teaching and learning mental, physical, and emotional well being.
    • Supporting the connection between health and education, we partner with schools to teach basic nutrition and health, self-esteem, and the value of education.
    • We strive to improve educational enrollment, attendance and graduation rates.
  • Sustainability: Researching and developing community relationships.
    • We empower local communities to take ownership of programs to instill permanent, positive change.
    • We establish sustainable and culturally relevant programs by listening humbly to local communities and training leaders from within the community to run the program.
    • We track, assess, and report on a timely basis to evaluate and improve the success of our program.
  • Hope and Opportunity: Where there is hope there is a future.
    • We foster valuable mentor relationships that teach character and critical life skills on and off the playing field.
    • We provide the opportunity for kids to be kids, helping them to thrive, not just survive.

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