Announcing the 4th Annual LtN Cup

LtN Cup 2016

The LtN Cup is about more than just wins and losses.

It is a way for our students to play a direct role in creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

For the 4th Annual LtN Cup, sixty student athletes from our programs at Club Hope and Chiquilistagua in Nicaragua have challenged each other once again to an exciting round-robin tournament.

Each player has an individual fundraising goal of $150, and we hope to raise a total of $9,000 with the LtN Cup. The funds raised will support LtN’s programs and the primary care clinics run by Manna Project International.

The LtN Staff and Board of Directors hope to take it one step further by raising an additional $20,000 through matching donors and sponsors. Lacrosse is just the beginning of LtN’s mission, so these additional funds will enable us to provide scholarships, coaching salaries, and other educational and professional opportunities for our players and coaches.

We hope you will team up with us to use our favorite sport to improve education, health and opportunity for young players and coaches in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

How can you help our players achieve their goal? 

Choose a Team below and Team Up!

Club Hope:

Team Chinandega


Luis, Genesis, Jesus, Josue A., and Mauriel


Team Chontales


Alejandro, Carlos, Aurelis, and Ismael
Not Pictured: Roberto


Team Boaco


Leandro, Jonathan B., and Guillermo A.
Not Pictured: Sharon and Camilo


Team Masaya


Dayring, Adan, and Eliezer
Not Pictured: Aura and Jorge


Team Granada


Pablo, Sergio, and Francisco
Not Pictured: Pamela, and Josmar


Team Estelí


Juan Carlos, Ashley, Walter, and Josue
Not Pictured: Jonathan O.


Club Chiqui:

Team Leon

Guissell, Angelo, Ariel S., Larry, and Gerald


Team Rivas


Fernando, Ariel C, Guillermo J., and Yahoska
Not Pictured: Sebastian


Team Matagalpa

Shirley,  Jonathan R., Angel, and Norlan
Not Pictured: Jeremy


Team Managua

Jose, Edgardo, Exel, Douglas, and Milagro


Team Jinotega


 Jim, Jessica, and Jose Ernesto
Not Pictured: Jonathan G. and Dorian


Team Carazo

Lener, Efren, Jason, and Kevin
Not Pictured: Michael