June 2011

June 2011

Lucy Sullivan and Stephen Murray

Lucy Sullivan and Stephen Murray from Charlottesville, VA co-directed the lacrosse clinic for the Boys and Girls Club in Charlottesville. The two organized a program that incorporated the importance of health and fitness and other important skills such as teamwork and self confidence into the lacrosse clinic. We are very grateful for their help and dedication to LtN. Thank you Lucy for filling out the questions below for us!

Name: Lucy Sullivan

City/ State: Charlottesville, VA

College: UVA

Graduating year/ age: 2011/22

How did you first hear about LTN?:

I first heard about Lacrosse the Nations through Suzanne. I read some blurbs and checked out the website and was very interested in their mission. This organization was appealing to me because it combines lacrosse and service.

Why did you decide to become an LtN ambassador?

I have coached a team of 5th and 6th graders the past 3 springs and it has been such a fun experience. Suzanne’s daughter was on the team and at the end of the season, she proposed the idea of directing a clinic at the Boys & Girls Club to me. I quickly agreed because I wanted to become involved in this organization and it gave me a chance to continue my coaching.

What was your favorite part of your team partnership experience?

My favorite part was watching the kids catch on to lacrosse so quickly and how eager they were to continue learning. The same kids showed up almost everyday even though they had many different activities to pick from. Every one of them was so enthusiastic and that was so great to see. We also were able to give every participant a stick at the end of the clinic and each one of them was so excited by this gift. I am so happy we could give them the chance to continue playing even though the clinic had ended.

How has being a part of Lacrosse the Nations impacted or changed you?  How has it impacted or changed your team?

This clinic showed me first-hand how the sport of lacrosse can bring people together. We played several scrimmages that included boys and girls, cousnelors and campers, and everyone got along and passed to each other. Directing this clinic was a rewarding experience for me and has shown me that this would be a direction I would like to pursue. The Charlottesville Boys & Girls Club was very impressed with the interest and success of our program so maybe there will be another clinic on the horizon!