Thank you for choosing to give to Lacrosse the Nations.  Your gift supports our mission of developing lacrosse programs in impoverished communities around the world.   


The power of your gift:

$50 – One Month Scholarship for Coach’s Higher Education

$150 – One Month Coach’s Salary in Nicaragua

$200 – Monthly Field Trip for players to Sports Complex outside La Chureca

$300 – One Month Nutrition Program in Costa Rica
3x per week nutritious snack for 30+ students

$500 – One Month Nutrition Program in Nicaragua
Breakfast and Sports snack for 200+ students

$700 – One Month Costa Rica Program
Coach’s Salary, Nutrition Program, and Fun Extras

You can also give by sending donations to our mailing address.  Please make checks payable to “Lacrosse the Nations”.

Lacrosse the Nations
P.O. Box 425479
Cambridge, MA 02142


Lacrosse the Nations GivingSomeThing Needs List

Giving goods online through our GivingSomeThing Needs List lets you send us the exact goods that we need with no fees or markups.