Ambassadors of the Month – April 2011

April 2011

We are excited to introduce our first two Ambassadors of the Month, Caroline Cunningham and Marshall Moore!

Marshall Moore

St. Catherine’s School Richmond, VA


Marshall’s entry speaks for itself. She realized her ability, even as a young athlete to have the ability to change lives of kids around the world. She took the initiative to make it happen, and rally her team around the cause.  We are greatful for the fundraising efforts through the scoop for loot campaign, but more so, we are grateful for the teams support of the greater cause and their ability to see what a difference they can make in the lives of others. St. Catherines School realized that their love of the game transcends the wins and losses at the end of the day! We are so proud of Marshall and her accomplishements and can’t wait to see how she continues to change the lives of kids around the world and leave her impact wherever she goes!

Below are a few questions that Marshall answered for us about her LTN experience and how she got involved!

Name: Marshall Moore

City/ State: Richmond, VA

High School: St.Catherine’s School

Graduating year/ age: 16 yrs old. Graduating in 2012

How did you first hear about LTN?:

I heard about LTN because last summer I was a camp counselor and Kate and Lexi Grossman were my campers.  Their mom is Suzanne Grossman who is on the board and after learning about it from Kate and Lexi, I contacted Mrs. Grossman this year.

Why did you decide to become an LtN ambassador?

I decided to be an LTN ambassador because not only is LTN a truly unique organization, but also it is impacting the lives of so many children through the best sport around!  I discovered the Scoop For Loot program when visiting the website and realized it was the perfect thing for my lacrosse team to participate in.  When sharing my idea with my team, they all became so enthusiastic towards the cause and we have had a great time working on this project.

What was your favorite part of your team partnership experience?

The entire experience with Lacrosse the Nations has been enjoyable, but the best part was hosting Suzanne Grossman and Dave Campbell to my school to share about the program.  Suzanne and Dave came to St.Catherine’s and spoke to the entire Upper School (grades 9-12) and faculty about LtN.  After watching some of the very moving video, Suzanne spoke about LtN’s mission and the impact it has.  She shed light on all that my lacrosse team is doing for the program and was very inspiring when she talked about the power that us, young people have to change the lives of others.  My team loved being able to hear from Suzanne and Dave and became more inspired to work harder.  My school gained a great appreciation for the work our team is doing and everyone left that chapel very inspired.

How has being a part of Lacrosse the Nations impacted or changed you?  How has it impacted or changed your team?

Being a part of this program has impacted me by showing me the power of teamwork and the power of lacrosse.  For years I’ve played this sport and taken it for gratitude.  Lacrosse the Nations has shown both my teammates and me what impact lacrosse can make. It has made us all grateful for the opportunities we have.  Our hard work towards raising money for Lacrosse the Nation allowed my team to become very close in our work towards a common goal.  Overall our experience with Lacrosse the Nations made our season even more fun because after every game we could know that we were impacting the lives of many poor children and in the end that impacted us greatly.

Caroline Cunningham

Radnor High School, Radnor, PA


Caroline Cunningham, a sophomore at Radnor High School, in Radnor Pennsylvania, has been chosen as one of LTN’s first Ambassadors of the Month. She rallied her team around an amazing LTN night that spread awareness and raised excitement for our cause.  As an organization we hope that teams feel inspired to spread the word, and help us out with fundraising through the team partnership program. However, Radnor went above and beyond, organizing a “free” bbq, running a scoop for loot campaign and warming up in LTN t-shirts for both the boys’ and the girls’ games.  Caroline’s persistence, energy, enthusiasm and flexibility has made her an integral member of our team partnership program this season. We are so grateful for volunteers like Caroline, who take an opportunity presented to them, and then run with it- impressing and inspiring others to follow her lead.  Congratulations to Caroline for setting a precedent, inspiring others in her local community, and for embracing the true mission and ideals that LTN embodies. Your hard work was an inspiration to all of us here at LTN!

Below are a few questions that Caroline answered for us about her LTN experience and how she got involved!

How did you first hear about LTN?:

My lacrosse team and I learned about LtN when Carrie Sparkes came to our high school and gave us a presentation and showed us the video about LtN.

Why did you decide to become an LtN ambassador?

I decided to become an LtN ambassador because when I went home and checked out the website and video, I was so impressed and interested about the mission. I thought it was so cool that our lacrosse team had the chance to be a part of this fundraiser, so I jumped at the opportunity.

What was your favorite part of your team partnership experience?

My favorite part of the team partnership experience was getting all of the t-shirts! I had this huge box of LtN shirts sent to my house, and the rush of opening the shirts and seeing how many shirts we had sold was the greatest feeling. Also, communicating with Carrie has been awesome because she was so helpful and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

How has being a part of Lacrosse the Nations impacted or changed you?  How has it impacted or changed your team?

Being a part of Lacrosse the Nations has impacted me greatly. I tore my ACL this season and couldn’t play my sophomore year, which was very tough to get through but LtN definitely made it easier. It took my mind off of the fact that I wasn’t playing and put it towards a great cause. My team is now very aware of what LtN is and they all loved getting involved. Many of the players got their friends and families involved and wanted to help out with the cause as much as possible. Everyone was so happy with the way things turned out and want to keep this fundraiser going at Radnor!