An Inspired Re-Lax Stick Drive

Ben Jackson, an inspired Junior in High School from Milton, GA organized a “Re-Lax” Stick drive. We recently received the sticks and his story. Ben, we are grateful for your huge heart, and your desire to help others. Thank you for inspiring us with your story!

“My sixteen year old brother died back in 2006.  He was known for being generous and having a smile on his face.  He told me to never get comfortable with what you have because it is possible to one day wake up and it might be gone.

I see how little those kids on your website have and how worn their clothes are.  When they receive something as simple as a lacrosse stick they will light up with joy. I might not be able to see the kids’ faces when the stick is given to them, but I know God will be smiling and will be proud that by partnering with Lacrosse the Nations, we have made a difference.

Recently I have completed the Re-Lax drive that went on for a month during our fall lacrosse season.  After I saw the video about Lacrosse the Nations on the Inside Lacrosse website, I immediately realized I wanted to figure out a way to help less fortunate kids.  I sent an email to everyone in the league telling the players and coaches about the Re-Lax Program.  My dad helped me and together we would send out emails each week reminding players to being the extra lacrosse gear that they had accumulated over time.  At the end of the season, we were surprised with how much gear we had collected.  It was a fantastic and exciting process to go through and I even learned more about handling the responsibility.  I enjoyed the process and will continue to support Lacrosse the Nations.” – Ben Jackson, Milton High School 2012

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