Worthington High School Rivals Laced Up for LtN!

The first blog of the event is written by Ally McCarthy, the head coach of Thomas Worthington High School, girls outreach coordinator of Ohio and integral member of our LtN family in Ohio! The response was written by Tom Pendry, a longtime supporter of LtN, who proudly watched the spirit of LtN in action on Tuesday. LtN is really grateful to have the support and enthusiasm from such a dedicated lacrosse community. Your hard work and effort in Worthington is truly inspiring!

Scoop for Loot Game:
Worthington Kilbourne High School @ Thomas Worthington High School
Worthington, Ohio

The founder of Ohio’s first high school girls lacrosse team, the late John Galipault, Sr., taught his Worthington players to “give back to lacrosse” in whatever way they could. That motto was honored on April 12, 2011 as the crosstown rivalry between the two high schools in Worthington used their game as a Scoop for Loot fundraiser to support Lacrosse the Nations. Players from both Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne High Schools found sponsors to make pledges based on the number of successful ground balls in the game, and the intense competition brought that total to 44 ground balls!

Prior to the game, each team warmed up surrounded by flags and banners carrying the Lacrosse the Nations emblem. The energy level was raised as the announcer shared information to everyone about the Scoop for Loot game. Players and coaches from both teams felt the unique connection to one another as players working toward a common purpose and ultimately following the words of the person who brought lacrosse to Worthington. Once the whistle blew to begin the game, all focus was on the game, but it was hard to miss the orange shoelaces worn by every player on the field. Those Lacrosse the Nations shoelaces were a symbol throughout the game of the true meaning of “giving back” to lacrosse.

The game was fierce, and it ended in a one goal difference in the last minute of the game. Even though the intensity from the competition was high, players from each team joined together after the game as one community serving others. The Worthington Lacrosse family is so proud to support Lacrosse the Nations, and to help share the sport that we love.

Ally McCarthy
Head Coach, Thomas Worthington Girls Lacrosse

Tom Pendrey, a member of our board, attended the game on Tuesday night and proudly observed the spirit of LtN in action. Here is his response to the event!

Congratulations to your lacrosse program for a wonderful lift off to the Lacrosse the Nations Scoop for Loot program. Last night was truly an amazing experience to watch the enthusiasm of your players and coaching staff embody the spirit of Lacrosse the Nations. It was a great treat to see players from each team sporting the orange LTN shoelaces,t-shirts for player introductions, pregame announcement, fliers, banners and flags.

The poignant moment last night was the LTN picture of both teams after the game. A hard fought contest and a one point win against your in town, arch rival. Despite the emotions from Kilbourne being on the losing end of the score, they were elated to be part of something bigger than all of us and willing to support people less fortunate. They even had smiles when taking pictures and showcasing their bright orange shoe laces along with their competitors.

You have been wonderful in creating awareness and more importantly taking action to organize and gain support behind the cause. Your players are filled with compassion and have hearts of gold in choosing to make a difference. They are a remarkable group of young women and are to be congratulated for choosing to get involved. Obviously a strong community built from great families and parenting. The parents are to be congratulated for building strong character and giving to less fortunate individuals.

We are looking forward to this weekend’s tournament and building the awareness and action behind the mission of LTN.

Thank you for everything the Thomas Worthington Girls Lacrosse Family has done to support Lacrosse The Nations.
Tom Pendrey

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