St. Catherine’s School is Winning On and Off the Field

St. Catherine’s School, an all girls school in Virigina is setting an impressive example as a team partner of Lacrosse the Nations. We are grateful and energized by the efforts of the school and community. Marshall Moore and her team realize lacrosse’s ability to change lives- on and off the field. Your hard work and inspiration makes the work happening in Nicaragua and the US possible! Thank you!

Please click here to read the story on St. Catherine’s School’s website:
Lacrosse Winning On and Off The Field

The athletes on the Saints lacrosse team love their sport. But they wanted something more than the victories.
They discovered a way to play the game and give back through Lacrosse the Nations. The non-profit group strives “to sustainably improve education and health while creating hope and opportunity for children in need.”
Members Lacrosse the Nations were on campus Monday to talk with Upper School students and meet the Saints lacrosse team.
“Lacrosse is something we often take for granted,” said junior Marshall Moore, who is leading the fundraising effort for St. Catherine’s. “By giving money to this program we will allow for kids who do not have the opportunity to enjoy lacrosse, the same luxury we enjoy every day.”
The Saints are specifically raising money through a program called Scoop for Loot. Each member of the team found sponsors for every ground ball they pick up in a game this season – raising between $2-$15 per ground ball.
The money will be donated to Lacrosse the Nations at the end of the season.
“This experience has brought our team together not only to win games, but to reach out to others,” Moore said. “We have become more inspired to play lacrosse because in learning about Lacrosse the Nations we have discovered the impact lacrosse can make in people’s lives.”

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